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This Friday, BBC3 is set to air a documentary about three frighteningly sincere teen girl exorcists from Arizona who traveled to Great Britain in order to purge the country of all the evil brought about by the Harry Potter books. Tess Scherkenback, Brynne Larson, and Savannah Scherkenback all believe that the spells used in the books are “real spells” from real witchcraft books, that they seem to have made up entirely on their own (…) The girls also believe that sluts are a primary cause of demonic possession, and that there is such a thing as “sexually transmitted demons.””

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Sexually transmitted demons sounds like a band name.

they will probably get knifed 

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Jesus Camp is a very fun documentary to watch with friends but if you watch it alone you just get scared and angry.

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*walks past the gym carrying extra large pizza*

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*leans off the bed to reach laptop charger*


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